The Yodock Wall Company pioneered the water filled barrier industry nearly 30 years ago. Yodock® offers a full line of innovative traffic control products centered around the patented ballastable Energy Disbursement Cell (EDC) known as the Models 2001, 2001M, and 2001M-BM. Made in the USA of heavy-duty polyethylene, these EDCs can be accessorized to meet a variety of traffic control product categories.
Our water filled barriers have been tested, approved, and accepted by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) as being National Cooperative Highway Research Program Report 350 (NCHRP Report 350) compliant and meets established federal and state safety guidelines. We have the most FHWA acceptances in the water filled barrier industry.

Yodock Water front Security Barrier

The Yodock Water front Security Barrier (YWSB) is the newest product in a long history of Yodock Securities Barriers. The YWSB is the is a heavy duty floating security barrier which offers a clear and unquestionable line of demarcation. The YWSB is designed to delineate restricted areas while providing both visual and a formidable physical barrier. It can be connected to mooring buoys, pilling, and docks and anchored into fixed positions or configurations. Once the system is in place it can be used as platform to accommodate intrusion alarms, signage, sub surface nets , etc. The simple yet effective design provides reliable service and minimal maintenance.

Yodock® Airport Barricades

Yodock® also offers many other airport barricades for various uses on airports. The Yodock® 2001, 2001M and 2001SL water-filled barricades have all played roles at airports depending on the location of the construction zone. Our Airport Barricades meet the Federal Aviation Administration’s Circular 150/5370-2F specifications and performance standards for use in all airport movement areas such as closed runways or during construction. Yodock® Airport Barricades (APC) are highly-visible, frangible, low-profile channelization devices used to delineate work zones for construction and maintenance on airport runways and taxiways. Yodock airport barricades can be used to assist in the demarcation of airport runways and taxiways. The Yodock APC system can be interlocked end-to-end when installed as a demarcation device or channelizer. The units may be used empty or ballasted with water. Delineator posts, warning flags, and lights can be securely mounted to each unit.

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