Road traffic safety refers to the methods and measures used to prevent road users from being seriously injured. We have leading suppliers of high quality traffic safety solutions, extensively tested road safety products, crash barriers and traffic management solutions.
Impact Recovery Systems® manufactures flexible, durable, high impact traffic control equipment for both permanent and temporary applications. Our products are designed to give upon impact, then quickly return to their original position. The heart of our devices is our patented reactive spring system-making ours the only products on the market today that utilizes a mechanical device to increase product durability. Virtually every other flexible traffic control device relies on the memory of the plastic to provide its durability and performance. Use of the most durable sheeting on the market, as well as our quick release technology – that allows upright replacement in less than five seconds, stands us apart from the competition. Our products are tested for safety and durability to a variety of industry standards and government regulations.

Delineator Post

Hazzard Markers

Crosswalk Pedestrian Sign

Solar and Non Solar Metro Flex

Impact Recovery


Wanco are specialized for Variable message signs and are the safest means for notifying motorists of changes in traffic patterns and road conditions. Wanco message signs are ultra-bright and highly legible, with a variety of functions for any application: lane closures, highway construction, work zones, parking lots, and more. A choice of sizes and options make these signs extremely versatile.

Variable Message Sign

Solar radar speed sign

Arrow Boards


Ado is one of the Spanish leading in construction ( street furniture, locksmith, fences, automatisms, road signalization) and maintenance ( airports, supermarkets, shopping centers, banks, goverments, carparks, universitys, hospitals…).
They are specialized in the manufacture and installation of urban furniture (fixed, removable and automatic bollard, litter bins, flower planters, fountains, benches, speed humps, cones) and road signs like traffic signs, street plates, and pavement thermoplastic signs).

Flexible Bollards

Speed Humps

Automatic Steel Bollards

A-resist Bollard

Automatic Bollard


HONYEE™ Group has been the leading company for traffic safety in Taiwan. We focus on a safer driving environment with our brilliant LED products for highway constructions and traffic safety devices, and introduce innovative safety equipment’s from Europe and the United States. With our exclusive LED technology, traffic signs remain their excellent conspicuity and legibility in all reduced visibility conditions.

Solar LED Signs

Solar Workzone Led Signs


FOR-U intelligent safety sign is researched and developed by a team with professional and high technology experts that who has strong acknowledge of road traffic, electronic control, optical and wireless communication aspects. Our signs retains normal sign’s function (reflective the car’s head light), in the same time we add the self- luminous and the intelligent control function to improve the driving safety level as special cases like heavy rainstorm, foggy and heavy dusty weather and other poor visibility situations.

Solar LED Signs


Pexco Davidson Traffic Control Products is an innovative plastics manufacturer of traffic safety products and solutions.  Committed to innovation and performance, Pexco is dedicated to “creating products to save lives.”

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